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Le formage de tôles, le pliage de tôles et roulage de tôles de grandes dimensions à la chaudronnerie Brilla (Drôme, Rhône-Alpes).

Roulage de Tôle Roulage de tôle, chaudronnerie Brilla Contactez la La chaudronnerie Brilla (Rhône-Alpes), spécialiste en formage : pliage et roulage de tôle
Roulage et croquage de cône Pliage de tôle - Presse plieuse Parc machine - Découpe, PliageFormage, Roulage, Cintrage, Poinçonnage, Soudure de tôle
rouleuse de forte puissance, capable de travailler des tôles de grandes dimensions (roulage possible jusqu’à 3100mm)
Bending roll 3000 x 30

Brilla metalworks, expert in forming : sheet metal folding, sheet metal roll-forming, sheet metal forming and spinning and spinning, already equipped with digital roll-bending machines, all sizes, have recently purchased a power roll-bending machine, able to work on large sizes (roll-forming up to 3100mm) and generous thicknesses (roll-forming of sheet metal 0.5 to 50 mm thick depending upon the length) for producing individual parts, and small and average editions.

Brilla metalworks thus becomes a reference sub-contractor in sheet metal roll-forming and bending..

Our company providing expert services in metalworks, piping and mechanical welding is located at the centre of the Rhône Alpes region.
Its business is forming and in particular all size sheet metal roll-forming from prototype to mass-production.

Materials used: Carbon steel, stainless steel and Aluminium.

rouleuse de fortes épaisseurs (roulage de tôle de 0.5 à 100 mm d’épaisseur suivant la longueur)
Bending roll 3000 x 4

BRILLA metalworks
95 rue des 2 clochers 26750 Montmiral
Tel : 04 75 02 10 87
Fax : 04 75 02 31 71
email :

Manager: Gilles Brilla
Sales manager: Christophe Bouzignac
Administration manager: Valerie Morin
Created: 1982
Legal status: Sole proprietorship
Siret: 325 374 890 000 11

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